Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tony Greenstein, Denis McShane, and the Judaeo-Nazis

It's now 10 days since Israel stopped killing the civilian population trapped in Gaza. Still no country I know of has declared that Israel's war on civilians was morally indefensible and broke all applicable Geneva Conventions and international law. Israel have barely opened the crossings to the UN trucks, let alone lifted their blockade, as demanded rightly by the Gazans.
As far as I know no country except the usual suspects who no one listens to, has dared talk about, still less take up the question of Israel and war crimes. certainly not Britain. certainly not the US. The UN has called for an inquiry into the crude and lethal bombing of its schools and stores. What are th member states doing meanwhile?
Yes, patient George Mitchell has arrive in Cairo. But when will he talk To Hamas, not to Egyptian gobetweens or to Abbas.
And when, finally, will Israel. The patience of Job may not win this nation to what is know as the paths of righteousness. (Very beautiful words - practise what you preach.)
There can be no negotiations and no peace in the middle east, which means Europe, which means us, until Israel negotiates with the elected representatives of the Palestinians.- and gives up its West Bank settlements as Palestinians have pressed for years in line with all UN resolutions, together with East Jerusalem -
And in this country our public service broadcaster appears to believe like Tipsy Livni that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Gordon Brown offers our warships to stop arms deliveries to the Palestinians, while refusing even to consider a temporary suspension of our own arms trade with their oppressors.

When will Western liberals among them especially the Jews face up to the fact that neo-imperialist, post-imperial Britain has nurtured a 60 year monster in part compensation for our war guilt: which beast not slouching but crouching in Jerusalem since 1967, as ideological monsters do obscenely mirrors its enemy, the original European monster which threatened our own freedom and murdered most of Europe's Jews (including my husband's ancestors in Russian Romania). This revengeful second monstrous birth, born of European war guilt and self-interest, must be brought into the open and disowned, just as Arab Nazism, also a part product of European racism, is disowned.
But how many in the British establishment including its liberal edge Britain takes the racist hatred of young Israelis seriously. Yet where does the terrifying Israeli callousness towards the murder of Gazan children come from? Out of what moral depths? Meanwhile why do so many in the Westseem happy to share such depravity? Those British mandarins who refuse to allow even a few charitable pounds money to the wretched of Gaza seem to me to share the smug cruelty of the European Nazis in their time.That's why I end by quoting from the text of Tony Greenstein's last blog: while Gordon Brown is getting his warships out to defend Israel (do we arrest Syrian trawlers in the Med or what?),

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Nazi Mentality of Zionism's Devotees

Auschwitz gas chamber - above (see link above)
There is nothing more guaranteed to anger apologists for Israel's works and its soft-left 'critics' then any comparison with the Nazis. This is 'insulting to Jews'. It is defined by the European Monotoring Committee as 'anti-Semitism' - something adopted by Dennis MacShanes joke of a Parliamentary Committee on anti-Semitism.
I therefore decided, in the interests of fairness, to put up a few photos showing how tolerant and liberal Israeli society is. Use of Nazi epithets is, in fact, very common in Israeli society and among Zionists and it doesn't take much for one Zionist to accuse another of being a 'nazi' or anti-semitic.
Many of these photos were taken in Hebron and they have been daubed by the settlers there. But in case you think, oh well, they are just a few nutcases, remember that that war criminal, Ehud Barak - leader of the Israeli Labour Party - insisted at the time when the Oslo Accords were still on a life support machine - that the settlers in Hebron had to stay. So these Judaeo Nazis [as the late Yeshayahu Leibowitz, winner of the Israel Prize and philosophy professor at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem called them] are there courtesy of the Israeli Labour Party and Histadrut.Tony Greenstein

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