Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Miliband and Burning the Innocents

Who said whoever is not with me is against me? I mean, recently. In Reverse: Whoever is not against me is with me.
Yes I'm speaking here on behalf of our favourite terror state. An unpleasant experience. Most, I'm speaking of our own long part in fashioning this well-off Frankenstein's monster. And so it goes. Still Britain does not condemn Israel's slaughter (continuing worse still as I write) in Gaza.
Why not? So I looked up some of the 'thriving' business we do with Israel, that 'thriving democratic country' as foreign secretary david miliband (he with the settler cousins in the West Bank) called it ...see the Guardian today. We're right there, from high tec arms to snow peas. Talking of snow, the 'white stuff' as the chic TV weather people have taken to call it, the Israelis have been dropping white phosphorus on Palestinian children. Permissable in international law only as a smokescreen. This white stuff eats away/burns away flesh and kills very slowly. You can't dig it out. It goes deeper till death relieves the agony. Israel are burning small children like witches at the stake. This rogue state should be a pariah state (see what their distinguished historian Avi Shlaim says on this. This means no state or company or institution or person should do business with it. tourism.
Uhuh, have just found out my bank invests in bottled water exported by Israel from the springs of the Golan, Syrian land which Israel has illegally occupied since 1967. Water theft. Grand water larceny. Oh such a nuisance to change my bank, how disloyal, how inconsiderate...Miliband, what you've got as Foreign Secretary is a conflict of interest, in short a rotten conscience. So resign. At least you can go jump in the Thames, cool off from your self-righteousness, not like those kids in Gaza...those kids burning to death under the bombs and shells we British so lucratively help their tormenters make.
See Campaign aginst the Arms Trade, Amnesty, UN websites

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