Wednesday, 1 August 2012


- Olympic vistas far away or: what's just behind Adidas?

Not too long ago I heard of the campaign Labour behind the Label? What does it do? Well, wrestling with the corporate world for fair play is what it does in fact but it doesn’t win any gold medals It works for millions of sweated workers mainly in South Asia and South East Asia who toil away making trainers etc for Adidas and its fellow multinationals. Adidas - just the fellow to advertise itself (and the Olympic Games) all over London aiming at bring in (to Adidas) millions of retail dollars. Meanwhile the meagre severance pay owed to Indonesian workers who help build the famous Olympic brand - well Adidas must have been overcome by a deep and pathetic feeling (which I don't share needless to say) that it can't afford to pay these last GIGANTIC sums. So goodbye to your Adidas old age if you happen to have relied on that. (There's a petition Labour Behind the L have started - you can help too by Googling them and signing it)

Meanwhile on to the brightest and the best: Lord (Jonathan) Coe, our sensitive Olympic boss who Can Do No Wrong, surrounding himself with these sporting CEOs --

But hey, let's end on a truly modern note of optimism.

Fact: We now boast the largest most succulent McDonalds in the world

(O come, it was only Europe, lets not hype) No but the thing is, We're all beautiful beach volley players now, and the most important thing is , we really love ending our sandy day with one of those sugar packed coldcold colas-

PS Mustn't be more, we're watching our weight, ha.

Else London the greatest city in the stratosphere will turn into the Hugest city. ha ha - via all those Arizona size steaks or whatever they sell here in Obesity Mall -

And to think, all these months I 've been slimming myself down (not hard) back in coldcold Khazakstan, and then I flew here(paying my own way democratically), and Back, Back the disastrous tonnage rolled, after just two gorg - jus nights on into The Fattest Olympics Ever.

Thanks as always to the big M!

PS with apologies to the Sun, Moon and the Stars, Galaxy...

(Why? Oh London modesty, for quietly outshining ALL.)

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