Saturday, 11 February 2012

How can they so misname this most splendid owl?

The gorgeous short-eared owl should surely be called the wide-winged owl, for its wings have the widest spread in the UK, and best of all it hunts by day, coming to winter and hunt our reed beds for example round the Ouse south of Lewes. I've been watching it with frozen fingers and toes since December, trying to bring my partner(my he-man carrier of big-camera-tripod) together with the owl(beauty/low-flying grace.) Hm, without success. Soon the 4 or 5 owls here will be flying north again. I just had to manage with my small camera. This owl sat like a large striped cat against a sunlit hawthorn, turning its head (right?)round, then flew low away behind the wire fence, turning and banking slowly.

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