Saturday, 19 July 2008 continued

I photographed a dragonfly today perched on a dead leaf jutting from my garden hedge. It had fine horizontal wings, two aside, straight out like those of fulmers. Most extraordinary, there was its huge bright yellow head dominating its long long hanging body. Which were eyes, those loopy white patches below the great yellow head, or pinpoints I never saw.? Looking at my photo I saw at least that it was making a steady meal of the rim of the brown leaf held somehow between its two skinny front legs. Easy to miss, but not the mighty head, the Mekon head - though he was Evil Green - which brings me to the trial of putting my photo up here to prove this small bit of conservation. Gilbert of Selborne, you would have been proud. And what I like best, having lost sadly a loved dog, was that I could find consolation almost anywhere, on the hedge in this case, or from a dead leaf, as did my yellow dragon, who flew in circles round my head no doubt spitting ఫైర్ at this large interruption.

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